Board information

  • Mfr#: PFAB-MDVS
  • Name: Pico Fabric
  • Release date: TBC
  • Github: link
  • Datasheet: link


PicoFabric is a small FPGA module for the Raspberry Pi Pico. The board comes with a Pico pre-soldered or headerless. The device can be plugged directly into a breadboard for rapid prototyping and comes with a Visual Stuidio Code IDE for Simulating, Building and programming on any platform. Integrates seamlessly with c/c++ or MicroPython for rapid development.


Lattice ECP5 based fpga with 12k logic elements.

FPGA bit-stream uploaded from the attached Raspberry Pi Pico using provided C and Micropython library or UF2 bit-stream loader, A JTAG port is also available.

Dual HyperRAM storage.

Mirco SD Card storage.

Audio DAC with with amplified headphone output.

HDMI Type-A connector with DIV-D video output.

Shared GPIO with Pico ( A 200 ohm resistor is placed between the FPGA and the Pico/External IO )

Visual Studio Code development extension for easier to use tooling, simulate, build and program on Windows, Mac And Linux.

On-board RGB LED & Yellow LED.

Breadboard friendly.


See the datasheet for a full pin listing.

Board Assembly

The board is pre-assembled and preloaded with a pre-installed MicroPython UF2 image & blink bitStream.

Board Getting started - MicroPython

- Plug the device into a USB port, flash the Pico with a recent MicroPython UF2 image, if the Pico is pre-soldered then an image should be pre-installed.
- Install the Pico Fabric IDE
- Run one of the provided MicroPython example projects.

Getting started - VHDL

- Install the [Pico Fabric IDE](picofabric-ide)
- (Ctrl + Shift + P) -> Run programmer boot loader install wizard To install the programmer UF2 image.
- Run one of the provided VHDL example projects.

Pico Fabric IDE

The Pico Fabric IDE Visual Studio Code based extension is available which can be used as a simulator, builder & programmer.

Purchase options

  • Price: TBC
  • Restock ETA: Aug